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August 9–11 and August 16–18, 11 a.m.–6 p.m.
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A self-guided home and garden tour, open to the public, showcases the best in interior and exterior design in Santa Fe as well as innovative products and design solutions.

August 9–11 and August 16–18, 11 a.m.–6 p.m.

Tickets $15 each, or $25 for Home & Garden Tour plus Parade of Homes

FREE Twilight Tour August 16 only, 4–9 p.m.

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Design Santa Fe homes, gardens & designers


(#1) The Dream Home: Evolution in Design and Technology

Dream HomeInteriors and Functional Design is an award-winning Santa Fe firm specializing in “designed intuitive function” in all aspects of the dwelling, with an emphasis on improved indoor air quality, skillful use of space, and the incorporation of technology to enhance convenience and quality of life. With more than 20 years’ experience in the building trades, including both residential and commercial projects, owner-designer Cara Leigh and her team work closely with clients, builders, and architects to achieve the ultimate goal: a space that is aesthetically beautiful and seriously functional.

The Dream Home: Evolution in Design and Technology showcases the latest in innovative home technology amid an inspiring contemporary design that blends beauty, ease of use, and eco-awareness.


(#2) The Sundial House

Sundial HomeBuilding in New Mexico demands serious consideration of the off-site basics-heat and cold, periodic heavy rains and particularly the region’s ubiquitous, intense sunlight. In addition to the addressing the usual requirements of the orientation, insulation and shading-this design seeks to further celebrate that remarkable sunlight by the inclusion of an integral, vertical surface sundial.

The site afforded a remarkable advantage (dramatic views of the city and the mountains), but also comes with a substantial challenge- that Is, its steep and convoluted slope, The former is exploited by extensive glazing on the east, while latter is mitigated by a (planned) stair lift from garage to principal living level, for the convenience of mobility-impaired individuals.

Sustainability features include highly efficient appliances, water restrictive devices, maximal insulation, operable windows, clerestories and skylights for cross and stack ventilation, limited glazing on the west and north, and a 5000 gallon cistern to collect  all roof storm water for use in landscape irrigation.

The sundial house won the Silver Merit Green Home Award from SFAHBA in 2007, and a Citation for Design Excellence from the Santa Fe Chapter of the AIA in 2009.         

Paul Stevenson Oles, FAIA of Interface Architects 

(#3) The Bridge House

BridgehomeThe objective for Randy Falk, AIA, was to create an elegant and environmentally friendly residence and studio. The compound, which is situated on a hilly and wooded view site, echoes Japanese simplicity via the materials, spatial delineation, and exquisite detailing. The plan was carefully designed around the trees and drainage patterns, using a series of “pods” that are connected by steel bridges. The levels of the compound were designed to complement the varying hillside elevations and minimize grading and destruction to the natural site. The structure was built of autoclaved aerated concrete block, with antique roof timbers, a steel frame, and clay and wood fiber plasters. The house is suffused with sunlight through the extensive use of solar-shaded, low-e glazing. In addition, there are 16 shoji-style wall panels and skylights. Winter solar gain is maximized using solar masses and four large trombe walls, with summer solar gain minimized through the use of overhangs and awnings. Rainwater is collected via an elaborate system of internal gutter and drains and stored in a 12,000-gallon cistern located below the studio; an extensive system of filters allows the water to be reused. An on-site, three-stage treatment system recycles all of the compound’s gray and black water, which is then distributed to the landscaping.

Randy Falks of Falk Architecture


 (#4) Woven Plains

WovenplainsH+gOur primary challenge with the landscaping for this North Side residence was to create a sense of privacy and enclosure while maintaining the expansive views of the surrounding mountain ranges. After analyzing viewsheds and mountain panoramas from each room in the house, we designed weathered steel walls, berms, and plantings that blocked undesirable views while framing beautiful vistas to the east and west. Inspired by the client’s affection for rustic antiques, we wove farm and ranch elements throughout the landscape, juxtaposing Old World features with contemporary design. A cistern captures almost half of the home’s roof runoff and stores it for use in raised vegetable planters. Overflow from the cistern, a drainage system below a large brick terrace, and runoff from the driveway flow through an acequia toward the aspen grove, providing additional water to this oasis-like zone.

Surroundings is a multidisciplinary design studio focused on transforming the built environment through innovative landscape architecture, urban design, and planning.

 Surroundings, Kenneth Francis, Principal ASLA, RLA, RA


(#5) Chic Pueblo

ChicPueblo2HomeNestled in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, this 4,700-square-foot home is a true retreat, with inspiring views of the Jemez Mountains and the lights of the Santa Fe. The home features a grand elegance and is beautifully crafted, with a spacious living room, formal dining room, and generous portals that make the most of the spectacular vistas.

Licensed interior designer Lisa Samuel of Samuel Design Group brings panache and style to this lovely hilltop home, reflecting the tastes and active lifestyle of her clients through modern textiles, interesting furnishings, and eclectic art imbued with texture, form, and personality.

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